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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is essential to keeping your website up date with new technologies and new business.

Do you know if your website is functioning properly, or even compatible with the latest PC and mobile technologies?

How secure is your website against hackers and spammers?

Can your clients find the information they need, in order to close a deal, quickly and effeciently?

Your website needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal operation, security and compatibility with all the latest technologies. In the same way that you need to service your vehicle on a regular basis so it doesn’t break down, you also need to “service” your website on a regular basis. In fact, if you rely on your website to bring in new business, you should maintain your website on a regular basis.

WebHostingZone’s offer the following website maintenance options:

  • Regular code and software updates
  • Regular website security updates
  • Log file and error analysis
  • Updates on Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, ZenCart, HTML websites, WHMCS and many other popular scripts
  • Regular offsite backups
  • Editing and optimizing of website content
  • Website layout improvements
  • Website usage statistics
  • Internet and social media marketing
  • Recommendations based on “best practices” to ensure your website delivers beyond your expectations
  • Mobile website development that is compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and PC’s